Tax Preparation Frequently Asked Questions

Can you do my taxes for me?  Yes, I am an Enrolled Agent and have been doing taxes for 8 years.  Enrolled Agents or EAs have a stringent set of guidelines to follow and are required to take way too many continuing education classes every year to stay abreast of all the different tax topics.  The biggest question is whether we have a good fit and the right chemistry. Read my profile here to learn more about me.

How do you handle the covid-19 crisis?  I’m as cautious as anyone.  That is why you won’t be invited into my office.  Technology has provided lots of options for the annual visit to your tax professional and I use them all.  You are more than welcome to come to the front door and drop off your documents.  I will greet you with my mask on and we will stay a minimum of 6 feet apart.  I also have a secure server that I encourage you to use to upload your documents to me.  We will also be using Zoom (or some other similar technology).  I love to be able to put a face to the W-2.

Do you serve small businesses?  Of course, I do.  I love small business owners.

How much do you cost? If price is your key determinant for choosing me over other tax professionals, I encourage you to use H&R Block or others like them.  They will give you the lowest price.  Can’t guarantee that they will give you much else.  I am significantly cheaper than many others because my costs are so low.  I don’t have much overhead or no staff to burden you with extra fees.

Can you do clients who aren’t local?  Yes.  I have clients from all over the country and a few from around the world.

Do I need to clean up my tax documents before I give them to you?  No but understand the cleaner the docs are and the faster you communicate with me, the lower your fees will be.

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