Bookkeeping Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a bookkeeper if I have an accountant?  There are a million shades of gray between accounting clerks to bookkeeper to accountants.  If you have an accountant that does your taxes every year and advises you and you are happy with them, then keep them.  They will love the expertise I have and how I can help them do their job faster.

Do you serve small businesses?  Of course, I do.  They are my bread and butter.

Can you also do my taxes?  Yes, I am Chapman Tax and Accounting.  I have an EA certificate, issued by the IRS, and have been doing taxes for 8 years.  EAs or Enrolled Agents have a stringent set of guidelines to follow and are required to take way too many continuing education classes every year to stay abreast of all the different tax

How much do you cost? I am not the cheapest bookkeeper or accountant out there.  In fact, I will recommend that you employ a recent graduate of a bookkeeping school if that is appropriate.  However, I bring a lot of experience to the table.  One of my primary tasks is to also be your business coach so that you know how to read your financial statements.  Accounting is, by definition, historical.  I consider myself more than an historian but also a partner as you move forward toward your goals.

Shouldn’t you be local?  Yes and no.  If you are looking for someone to enter invoices into the books, then I’m not your deal.  But with today’s technology, I can be any distance away and still be working with you.

Who will be doing my books?  I will, except for the data entry tasks I’ve mentioned above.  I am a sole practitioner and do all my own stunts.

Do I need to clean up my books before handing them over to you?  No.  One of my joys is working on a set of books that are a mess and making them meaningful and correct.

What accounting software do you use?  I only use Quickbooks Online.  I’ve dabbled in other accounting software but by sticking with the industry leader, I have been very successful.  I can demonstrate the benefits over all the others, including Quickbooks Desktop.  Desktop is a very fine product, but I can transfer all that information over to Quickbooks Online.  The Online product is as powerful as the Desktop version, and it has the ability to be accessed from everywhere.

Do you do payroll?  Yes, I can or can recommend payroll services that are quite efficient and integrate directly into your books.

How often will I see you/do I need to see you?  You will see me as often as you require.  In fact, some firms request that I give a financial presentation at their monthly management meetings.

How do I know you are qualified?  Great question.  I can certainly give your referrals.  You can also view my profile which lists all the letters after my name.  The biggest question is whether we have a good fit and the right chemistry.  Read my profile here: